Launched in August, 2017 as a community for Mixed Martial Arts followers, spectators, and super fans like myself.

If your like me, you often find yourself  dying to discuss last weekends fights. If your really like me, you want to discuss fights that happened years ago but have still stuck around in your mind; Reliving the moment you saw Chuck Liddell knock out Tito Ortiz (The first and second time) or watching Jon Jones at 23 years old, open up with a flying knee to eventually beat Shogun Rua for the title. These are the moments that make MMA the incredible sport that it is and inspire people like me to want to talk about it constantly.

Keep in mind, I do not approach this endeavor boasting any type of pre – qualification. Meaning I am not a professional fighter, I am not a fighting coach, and I am not a journalism major whose going to bring you “Today’s HOT TAKES in MMA!!”…No… What I am is a person who loves and cares about this sport and has watched it evolve over the past 10 years into something amazing.

I offer you a safe haven, a place free from the judgmental eyes of your family, friends, and co workers, a place to meet like minded individuals who fell in love with this sport for the same reasons you did and a platform in which to discuss your passion to your hearts content.

So join me, as I begin this task that I have put to the side for so long. Be a member of the community. Like, comment, follow, and let this be a consistent part of your week that you can look forward to as much as I do.

Thank you.