Aftermath: UFC Fight Night 118 – Cerrone vs. Till

Wow! What a weekend!

Bitter sweet is the best phrase I can use to describe what took place on Saturday, 10/21/2017 at UFC Fight Night 118, a mixed martial arts grandstand not to be soon forgotten by those who love this unforgiving sport.

Lets talk about what took place, the results of our fight picks, and how it all changes things in the world of MMA.

Jan Blachowicz VS Devin Clark

My feelings on the result of Blachowicz VS Clark can really be best summed up best by the below tweet, which I posted seconds after the ending of the fight:

I still stand by this statement…

I was extremely suprised by what Jan Blachowicz was able to pull off in this competition not only by defeating an incredibly talented opponent in Devin Clark but by doing so in such an astonishing fashion, proving he still belongs in the UFC.

Blachowicz finished Devin Clark via STANDING rear naked choke early in the second round after surviving his striking and aggressive wrestling offense in the first. As you may remember, I anticipated prior to this fight that Jan would not be able to handle the esteemed wrestling background of his opponent and would end up spending the majority of the fight on his back as we have seen him do before.

I could not have been more wrong! Blachowicz was able to keep the fight within his terrifying Polish comfort zone and land a left hand on Clark before transitioning to the finishing move. Great showing by each of these gentlemen and I hope to see both of them back in the octagon soon.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz VS Jodie Esquibel

Speaking of crazy Polish people…

It is truly incredible to think that at a time not so long ago, the idea of women competing in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts was nothing but a joke. However, now that the sport we love has evolved so much, some of the most exciting, technical, and underrated fights come out of the female divisions.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz defeated Jodie Esquibel via unanimous decision after a 3 round strking workshop. While Esquible showed undeniable heart throughout the entire fight and never slowed her pace, Karolina is on an entirely different level as far as understanding the tendencies of her opponent and how to take advantage of them using the multiple weapons she has attached to her body.

This fight was a huge opportunity for Jodie Esquibel and even though she was not victorious in this particular bout, she will do incredibly well within the UFC and I believe she should be welcomed back with open arms to take on some of the lower ranked ladies in the Strawweight division until she is inevitably ready to be ranked at the top.

According to FightMetric, The fight ended with Karolina landing a total strike count of 142 and Esquibel at 66, putting both of them landing just below 40% of the total strikes that they threw.

Donald Cerrone VS Darren Till

While it pains my heart even discussing the main event of Saturday’s fight card, it would be unfair not to.

Darren Till defeated Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone via TKO within a minute into the first round of this fight. While many viewed taking this fight in the first place as a bad decision by Cowboy and his team, he is always going to do what makes him happy, and what makes Donald Cerrone happy is fighting. Regardless of the time, place, date, person, weight, race, price, or risk… Donald will always fight. While the obvious concern is with his long term health given his style and how often he fights, Donald always seems at home inside the octagon and will only stops when he is good and ready.

Darren Till is here to make a statement and he has done just that by handily overcoming the toughest test of his career thus far. This was his 10th win by TKO/KO out of his 17 professional fights. While it appears his next fight may be against “Platinum” Mike Perry, I believe till will be fighting for the belt in his weight class much sooner than any of us may have guessed.

This past weekend marked Donald Cerrone’s 43rd professional Mixed Martial Arts fight since 2006 and the first time in his career he has lost more than one fight in a row. This raises the question, is it time for the Cowboy we all know and love to ride off into the sunset?

What do you think is next for Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone?

Did you expect any different outcomes from UFC Fight Night 118?

Do you think Mike Perry is the right fight for Darren Till next?

Please make sure to leave a comment below and give me a follow on Twitter and all other social medias!

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