Tony Ferguson will defeat Conor McGregor

If they ever fight…

After the events of UFC 216 last Saturday night, the lightweight division is in a bit of a strange situation. We have on one end a champion in Conor “McNuggets” McGregor who after brilliantly dismantling Eddie Alvarez for the title in his first and only lightweight fight, has still not defended the belt. While on the other end, we have Tony Ferguson, an interim champion who has amassed a record of 10-0 in his last ten bouts within the lightweight division and is only getting better as time goes on.

Now take it from an avid fan of Ronda Rousey, I know that a thundering hype train can sometimes make looking at a fight objectively a very tricky task, but it is something we must do in order to have an intelligent discussion and consider all options.

One thing is true with few exceptions, Conor McGregor’s straight left plus the face of the man in front of him equals a loss of consciousness. However, I believe one of these exceptions is named Tony Ferguson. With arguably one of the toughest chins in MMA, Tony has been able to withstand HARD shots from some of the most dynamic strikers in the sport including recently, Rafael Dos Anjos, Edson Barbosa, and Lando Vannata. Bear in mind, while impressive, I am not saying this is always a good thing…

Ferguson often comes forward with his unorthodox offense and finds himself on the receiving end of powerful counter strikes which McGregor does not need many of to be victorious here. However, we have seen Conor lose his power as fights progress and is not exactly a frequent visitor of the final championship rounds while Tony Ferguson seems to get better and more comfortable as the fight goes on.

I truly do not see either fighter getting knocked out here. Although, Ferguson will get hit… a lot… and it would not surprise me if he used that opportunity to pull guard like we saw Nate Diaz do against Conor as well, possibly setting him up for finish by triangle as he did so seamlessly against Kevin Lee.  I would not be surprised to see this fight end on the ground with Tony showing victorious via submission or split decision. We will discuss this match up in further detail as we get closer, but I think it is a conversation worth having even now.

The actual fight however is not where the attention of the fans should be at this time. It should be on whether or not we will ever even see The Notorious one inside the octagon again. Given his recent escapades, Conor would need to be HEAVILY compensated, far more than any Mixed Martial Arts fighter before him if they expect him to show up against an opponent as dangerous as Tony Ferguson. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that McGregor has ever ducked a fight or avoided an opponent but he is also nobody’s fool, meaning he would not risk his health or his reputation, were he not being paid what he is worth.

Anyone who follows this incredible sport closely knows that it is not only about who deserves what fight but also about what the fans are going to watch. Yes, Conor McGregor is exciting to see against any opponent but when you now have to pay a man easily in the tens of millions of dollars just to show up, there must be a guarantee that it is going to sell…


Do you think McGregor VS Ferguson will ever happen? Do you want it to?

Who do you think would win?

What do you think is next for Conor?

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Until next time,


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