UFC 216 Fight Pick Recap

Well there it was folks, one of the most underrated and exciting fight cards to come across the eyes of MMA fans in quite some time. We had some fortune in the picks we made prior to Saturday night while there was however one unforeseen turn of events.

Fabricio Werdum VS Walt Harris

While a last minute injury to Derrick Lewis derailed what was going to be a VERY exciting heavyweight fight, we were somewhat compensated with a last minute replacement in Walt Harris who abandoned his fight with Mark Godbeer to take the place of Lewis. When I heard the news I thought, “Well, Walt Harris is a rather large gentleman who has explosive power and may offer some unknown challenges to Werdum as he was not preparing for Harris in his training camp”. However, the optimist in me was sadly mistaken.. Fabricio Werdum finished Harris with the quickness via armbar submission in slightly over 1 minute into the first round.

In the words of the great Kendrick Lamar, “There’s levels to it, you and I know”.

Fabricio Werdum def Walt Harris via armbar submission.

(Yellow to represent a correct prediction but against a different opponent, will not count toward total) 


Demetrious Johnson VS Ray Borg

As mentioned before, I am as big a fan of Demetrious Johnson as anyone on the face of our smelly brown planet and I would be lying if I said I didn’t get emotional after this fight concluded. To be honest with you I cried more than the Might Wife herself… However, Ray Borg must be praised for his resilience in this competition. Borg is a young, hungry, and motivated man who will make it far in his mixed martial arts career but DJ operated within a different dimension throughout the fight, out-striking Borg by almost 100 to 1 and shattering the record for most title defenses ever. This was not only a battle of fighters but also a battle of the minds between two of the best coaching families in MMA, the technical masterminds of Jackson-Wink in the corner of Borg and the ominous and mysterious genius that is Matt Hume backing Mighty Mouse as always. Demtrious Johnson was able to finish the fight via a suplex to armbar combination unlike any grappling technique ever seen in the UFC or even the sport of MMA although I am sure we will see it more now…

Demetrious Johnson def Ray Borg via crazy suplex to armbar maneuver 

Link to Demetrious Johnson’s Twitch page (For the gamers): https://www.twitch.tv/mightymouseufc125

Tony Ferguson VS Kevin Lee

The fight between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee was a shining example of a bout really living up to the hype and the build up put behind it prior to last night and would have been a strong contender for fight of the night were it not for the handy work of Lando Vannata and Bobby Green earlier on.

It is worth noting that Kevin Lee struggled to make weight before this fight took place and even made his appearance to the octagon with what appeared to be Staph infection, possibly meaning he was forced to fight while under the effect of antibiotics. This however should not take away from what Tony Ferguson was able to accomplish against a still very tough opponent in Lee. This was a very competitive fight while on the feet with both Tony and Kevin getting rocked at different points but in the end, Kevin Lee’s style of overpower and control was just not going to bring him a victory. Tony Ferguson proved his uncanny comfort from his back by catching Lee in a triangle choke from the bottom in the 3rd round.

Tony Ferguson def Kevin Lee via Triangle choke 

What did you think of UFC 216?

Did you imagine any different outcomes?

Leave a comment with your response and if you would like updates on my picks for upcoming UFC/MMA events please hit the follow button and check out our multiple social media sites!

Any and all support is appreciated more than you know.

Until next time,


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